3-15-2014: Anchored out in the beautiful, clear blue water by Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Thursday, September 16, 2010


After 3 nights at Pebble Isle Marina, we are finally on our way again. We had to wait for a new carburetor for the generator. We had a short day planned and we were going to anchor out at mile marker 138.2 on Marsh Creek but when we got there the water was down about 5+ feet and we were stirring up mud so we decided to move on. We finally anchored at mile marker 143.0 by Kelly Island and it is a very good anchorage; 19.5' and out of the way of barges.

It was a month yesterday that we left Red Wing. Out of 32 days we were traveling on the water 20 days. We had 6 days off, 4 day due to weather, and 2 days due to mechanical problems. So far we have gone 1,020.7 miles: 789.2 on the Mississippi River; 21.0 on the Kaskaskia River, 58.2 on the Ohio River, 34.7 miles on the Cumberland River, and as of today, 117.6 miles on the Tennessee River. 1,000 down and about 6,000 to go.

CO's comments: We timed the mechanic and he charged us for the 4 hours he was on our boat. It did not count for the time that it took to rebuild the carburetor, phone calls, etc. and his rate was $75.00 an hour.
While he was figuring out the problem he did a compression check, reset the valves, and found my belt was ready to collapse. The guy new what he was doing.

Lat.  N35 31.486      Long.  W87 58.722

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fort Heiman anchorage, KY to Pebble Isle, TN

Another beautiful day on the Tennessee River. We got to the Pebble Isle Marina, New Johnsonville, TN early and took their car to the grocery store to restock. We are running into more and more Loopers the further south we go. It's exciting to hear their stories and to share ours. Pictured is a late evening picture of our marina.

Green Turtle Bay, Grand River, KY to Mile 62.6 by Fort Heiman, KY

Yesterday we met Steve and Carolyn Wood from Tennessee who are on their last leg of the Loop. They were a very nice couple. They came over to the boat and went over highlights of their loop experience and some "must see spots" that they enjoyed on the loop. It was very helpful. We also met another couple from Tennessee who are just finishing up.

After 5 days at Green Turtle Bay Marina we were ready to get back on the river again. Besides, this is a dry county and it is time to restock. After getting gas we went through the Barkley Canal and entered Kentucky Lake on the Tennessee River. It is beautiful, very wide, calm, and lots of little coves for anchorages. We anchored out for the night at Fort Heiman, KY; real good anchorage.

CO's comments: I've been talking with several skippers that are on the final leg of their loop and they all have said that the Mississippi is the most miserable part of the trip.