3-15-2014: Anchored out in the beautiful, clear blue water by Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Marsh Harbour Marina, Great Abaco Island

Had a lazy day and got going about 09:30 and got to Marsh Harbour Marina by 11:20. It was a beautiful, sunny day; about 85 degrees. We got settled in and went for a walk to see what is around the marina. Got here just in time for Saturday Steak Night. We have heard it is very good and they were right; a very tasty steak with all the fixins. After dinner there was music by the locals. Very entertaining. They also did the limbo and this one local got amazingly low on the limbo bar. It was another wonderful evening.


CO’s comments: The men’s room has one of the largest, porcelain, urinals I’ve seen.  This is a real man’s country.

3-22-2014: The Sea of Abaco on the way to Marsh Harbour.

3-22-2014: Marsh Harbour Marina; The Jib Room.

3-22-20214: Beautiful garden we saw on our walk.

3-22-2014:  We see these flowers on all the Cays, pretty.

3-22-2014: After steak night there was local entertainment.  This guy played the hand saw.

3-22-2014: Unbelievable how low he got on the limbo bar.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Man-O-War Cay, Mooring Ball

3-20-2014, Thursday:  Another beautiful day in the Bahamas.  Went 13 + miles to Man-O-War Cay and picked up a mooring ball for the first time since 2010.  It took a while, but after some help from Sharon, we finally got it hooked.  Very tight spaces for the moorings but we all swing the same direction so it was OK.  We ran into Steve, Mary, and their son from Dream Chaser who are also here for a few days.  We took the dinghy into the little town of Man-O-War and did some shopping and looking around.  We walked up to the Post Office to try and get some stamps for Post Cards and she wasn’t open.  This is the second place we tried to get stamps at a Post Office in the Bahamas and the person wasn’t there.  We were told in both places that they have regular hours but pretty much only show up when they want to.  So, we will try again tomorrow.

3-20-2014:  Man-O-War Cay, clear water, can see bottom at 30 feet deep; well, maybe not quite that deep.

3-20-2014:  Man-O-War mooring field

3-20-2014:  Supply boat dropping off supplies for the town

3-21-2014, Friday:  Stayed a second day.  Took our time and had lunch before taking the dinghy back into town.  We walked up to the Post Office and she wasn’t there again.  As we were leaving, a voice came from a home across the street and it was the lady who ran the Post Office.  She said she would be at work from 14:00 to 16:00 so we said we would be back later.  We walked to the beach to check it out, the ocean was beautiful.  We walked it for about an hour and didn’t find any shells.  By this time it was after 14:00 so we went back to the Post Office and we finally got some stamps.  She was very helpful and explained why Conch Shells were on some beaches and not on others and she also told us how they cut the conch out of the shells.  It was very interesting.  From there we went back to the shopping district.  Keith got a very cool conch shell that had this huge Hermit Crab in it; dead, of course.  Sharon and I each got a conch horn.  Sharon was better at blowing the horn than I was.  It is harder than it looks.  This evening we went back into town and had dinner at the Dine and Dock restaurant at the marina; very good meal.

3-21-2014:  Sewing canvas covers for our ladders, thank you Sharon.

3-21-2014:  Yacht coming into Man-O-War Marina

3-21-2014:  Posted notice on the First Caribbean National Bank.  Do you think a bank in the US could get away with this?

3-21-2014:  Walking down to Man-O-War beach

3-21-2014:  Sharon walking the Atlantic ocean at Man-O-War beach.

3-21-2014:  Keith patiently waiting at the Beach, Man-O-War

3-21-2014: Lignum Vitae; National Tree of the Bahamas


CO's comments:  On all the inhabited Cays that we have been on, the transportation has been by golf carts.  A big America car would not fit on their roads.  Excellent meal last night; Mahi Mahi.

1st Mate's comments: Really enjoyed our lessons on the Conch shells from both the Post Office lady and the man who sold us the horns.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

3-19-2014: Mastered the Whale today

We checked all the weather web-sites, Barometer Bob in particular, and it was a go for the Whale. The reports were swells from 3 to 5 feet in the Atlantic going around Whale Cay and from what we have heard, that is pretty common. We were on our way by 08:30 and made it around the Whale by 09:50. We encountered several swells in the 5 foot range and there were at least 2 swells that were 6 foot plus. We were rocked some but it was manageable. We found a nice little anchorage in Baker’s Bay just off of Great Guana Cay. 

We put the dinghy back in the water and went ashore on a little island to try some shelling again. We hit the jackpot. They were not big shells, but very nice little ones and lots of them. We had a good time. I have to thank the CO as he has been very patient with us in our search for shells.


CO’s comments: Another beautiful day in the Bahamas; I think I'm going to stay.

1st Mate’s comments: Going around Whale Cay was very interesting. From our anchorage, we can see Whale Cay and the waves. Doesn't seem possible that the waters can be so violent and then be so calm a short ways away in the protection of a Cay.

3-19-2014: Sun rise at Bluff House Marina

3-19-2014: Leaving Green Turtle Cay

3-19-2014: Whale Cay with the huge waves splashing on the Atlantic side

3-19-2014: Video of the waves hitting the Whale

3-19-2014: Kim Jo IV at anchorage by Great Guana Cay

3-19-2014: Sun set at Baker’s Bay anchorage

3-19-2014:  Yacht leaving Baker's Bay Marina

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Green Turtle Cay, Bluff House Marina

3-16-2014:  Got a fairly early start so we could get through the channel to White Sound, Green Turtle Cay, about high tide because of our deep draft.  Had no problem and got to our marina, Bluff Harbour, by 09:00.  We got settled in and went for a walk around the cove to Green Turtle Marina which was about 1 mile.  It was very warm out, 85 degrees, and it was a good walk.  This evening we walked over the hill and down to the beach and had fish fry at the Tranquil Turtle Beach Bar.  We had Snapper and Conch; very good.  This was the first time I had banana pancakes with fish!  Different but good.


3-16-2014:  Sun rise at Manjack Cay

3-16-2014:  Trees along our walk at Green Turtle Cay

3-16-2014:  Sharon and Keith at the Tranquil Turtle Beach Bar fish fry

3-16-2014: Beach at the Tranquil Turtle Beach Bar

3-17 & 18-2014:  Green Turtle Cay, Bluff House Marina: We rented a golf cart on Monday and went over to Black Sound, and looked around the small town of New Plymouth.  Did the sight seeing thing, got a few groceries, a few souvenirs, and had lunch at the Wrecking Tree restaurant.  In the afternoon we went to the beach on the Atlantic side and looked for shells again.  Still no luck.  Spent Tuesday getting caught up on things and waited a storm out.  We are waiting on a good day to go around Whale Cay on the Atlantic side.  We are hoping for tomorrow, but will not know til morning.

CO’s comments: Having a great time; enjoying the Abaco.

1st Mates comments: Have to agree with the CO with an addition that it is a very relaxing time with plenty of warm sun and a constant breeze that keeps us real comfortable.

3-17-2014:  Sight seeing in New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay, Black Sound

3-18-2014: Kim Jo IV at Green Turtle Cay, Bluff House Marina

3-18-2014:  Bluff House Marina

3-18-2014:  View from the office