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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Annapolis, MD, City Mooring Ball Field: We stayed a 2nd day to tour the Naval Academy. We really enjoyed the tour which took about 1 hour and 45 minutes and learned many things about the academy.  Secretary of the Navy; George Bancroft, established the Naval School at Fort Severn in Annapolis in 1845 with 50 students that were taught by 4 officers and 3 civilian professors. The academy has expanded from 10 acres to a 338-acre complex, and it went from 50 midshipmen to a brigade of approximately 4,400 midshipman, and from 7 to 600 faculty members, both military and civilian. It wasn’t until the 1970's that women were accepted and now they comprise 20 percent of the students.  

There is a building named after Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren who joined the Navy at age 16. He was assigned to the ordnance department at the Washington Navy Yard and by the end of the Civil War he was responsible for the development and design of 12-pounder boat howitzers in several weight classifications. John Paul Jones; 1747-1792, one of the Revolutionary War Naval hero's, remains are buried in a crypt in the basement of the Main Chapel located on a high point in the yard over looking the Severn River. His remains were returned to the US in 1905 by the French.

Alan Shepard manned the 1st US space flight in "Freedom 7" and later from Apollo 14, was the 5th man to walk on the moon.  Shepard was a 1961 graduate of the Naval Academy.  Also, the Physical Education Center was named in honor of John A. Lejeune, former Commandant of the Marine Corps.

NOAA reported that there would be high water around noon today. Sure enough, by 13:00 the harbor area of downtown Annapolis was 5 feet under water and they closed several streets. They called it a "Tidal Anomaly".  Around 18:00 several boaters took their boats out for the evening. We didn't think anything of it until several more boats came out. It looked like some of the boaters didn't know what they were doing and several came close to running into us and other boats tied up on mooring balls. Boats were weaving in and out of the mooring ball field and they were every where. There had to be at least 150 boats. I called the Harbor Master to see what was going on and he said it was "Wednesday Night Races". We did see one boat run into another boat; but, surprisingly that was the only accident. Unbelievable!

CO's comments:  Naval Officers are commissioned at graduation from Annapolis Academy.  Those graduates who go on to be Marine Officers have to attend Officer Candidate School at Quanitco before they are commissioned.  Only the best of the best will go on to be Marine Officers.

5-12-2011 Sunrise in Annapolis
Wednesday nigh races in Annapolis
More Wednesday night race boats.
This beautiful old "Woody" just came to watch the races.

This is the oldest building  at the academy dedicated to
Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren
Outside view of the Main Chapel.  The Crypt of John Paul Jones
is enshrined beneath the Chapel
The Main Chapel conducts Catholic and Protestant services.
The campus also has a Jewish Chapel and both chapels are open to the public.
A beautiful campus

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday and Monday, May 8 and 9, 2011

Calvert Marina, Solomons, MD:  Not much happening.  Exploring the area and getting caught up on our itinerary.  We are up to the Erie Canal.  They postponed the opening of May 1st due to high water.  Last we heard it would not be open until May 23rd.  Our plans will get us there by June 1, 2011.  With a little bit of luck the water will be down by then.  It looks like we will be leaving here early tomorrow morning and heading for Annapolis, MD.  We plan on taking an extra day and do some sight seeing.  Last night a couple from Wyoming came in.  We met them for the first time at Port St. Joe on the Gulf in November and they were planning to start their loop from there in January.  The 2 of them made their own boat.

CO's comments: How would you like to be in 4 foot seas in the yellow, homemade boat pictured below.  The Captain of the boat told me that the seas got so rough he had to go close to shore and anchor because he could not make any head way.  He was almost going in circles and decided to wait out the seas.  They finally made it in late Sunday. 

View of marina from gas dock-this marina has a least 15
docks and is stretched out over the north side of "Back Creek"
Our dock at Calvert Marina-new floating docks for transients
The rest of the marina has been here a long time. Even thought it is older,
they keep it up and it is clean.  This is the main dock heading toward marina office.
"On Watch"
(in park by marina)
"Lollygag" registered in Yankton, SD because that is where
 they got married but they are from Wyoming

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Friday and Saturday, May 6 & 7, 2011

Dozier's Regatta Point Marina to Solomons, MD, Calvert Marina, Friday:  The weather looked good and by 06:45 we were finally on our way after 4 days.  The waves were not too bad for most of the day.  We started across the Potomac River and entered into Maryland and at this time the waves picked up some but we have seen a lot worse.  We encountered several crab pods today.  They seem to run in spurts.  There are a lot in one area  and  appear to have a pattern; but then all of sudden they are all over the place.  Then they quit and you think you are safe and one pops up and you go through the whole ordeal all over again.  I think everyone should use the red colored floaters on their crab pods as they are easier to see.  Unfortunately, today a lot of them were white and it was really hard to tell then from the little white caps on the bay but we made it safely to our marina.  

Saturday:  Did the usual; re provisioned, cleaned boat, and washed clothes.  Had dinner at the "Back Creek Bistro" and it was very good.  Every one told me to wait until I got to Chesapeake Bay to try the crab cakes so I had them for the first time.  They had very large lumps of crab in them and were alright, but a little too spicy for my taste.  I think I will stick with shrimp from now on.

CO's comments:  I believe that an early departure is key.  One boat that left 2 hours after we did and encountered very rough seas at the mouth of the Potomac.  We had drinks with another boat that came in just after we did; a 48 footer with stabilizers.  He crossed the Potomac about an hour after we did and encountered a violent roll of about 45 degrees.  He thinks that it was so violent and swift that one of his stabilizers came out of the water.

N38 19.946
W76 27.434

Tug pulling a barge full of containers in Chesapeake Bay
Containers stacked 4 high,(some had 5 high) 7 long, and 10 deep
for a total of 290.  We saw two of these today-5-6-2011
"Lookout Point Lighthouse" on Chesapeake Bay
where it meets the Potomac River Mouth
Flashing Marker "Point No Point" on Chesapeake Bay.
It looks like at some point these markers were manned; they even
have an outhouse sticking out the side which dumps right in the the bay.