3-15-2014: Anchored out in the beautiful, clear blue water by Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hope Town Inn and Marina, 4-5 through 9, 2014

4-6-2014, Sunday: 
Another beautiful day in the Bahamas; 80 degrees, sunny, and a little breeze.  Took the dinghy out again today; went to the north end of Elbow Cay this time.  In order to get on shore we had to go around the point on the Atlantic side.  The waves coming off the reef in the Atlantic were too big and if we did get ashore we would not be able to get back off, so we decided to go back down towards the south side.  We ended up by a little unnamed Cay just on the inside of Tahiti Beach in the Sea of Abaco.  We tried snorkeling for the first time.  It was fun and the water was very warm.  Saw a star fish and several small fish, yellow and black in color, and almost transparent.  We will definitely do some more snorkeling.  When we got back we went to the second pool.  This one is behind the marina and it also has a hot tub.  Felt good to be in a hot tub again.  Very enjoyable afternoon.

4-6-2014:  Dolphins playing in the harbour just behind our boat.  Two adults and two small ones.

4-6-2014:  Snorkeling in crystal clear water.  It is awesome watching fish swim right underneath you.

4-7-2014, Monday:
Another beautiful day.  We enjoyed today and took in the sun shine because a big storm is headed our way starting tomorrow afternoon and evening.  You can tell because several boats come into the harbour for safety that were anchored out in the Sea of Abaco.  Today was a  lazy day.  We took the fairy over to Hope Town Settlement this afternoon and bought a few groceries.  Hate to .buy too much as every thing here is at least twice what we pay in the states but there are some things you just have to buy.  They do not have as varied a selection as the US has either.  I sure am glad we stocked up before crossing over.

4-8-2014, Tuesday:
Very windy when we woke up this morning or should I say winder than usual.  We rented a golf cart for the day and explored Elbow Cay by road.  We went to the hardware store, the liquor store, and to the beach.  We had lunch at "Firefly Sunset Resort Bar and Grill", good food, and then went to look at boats in other marinas.  We met 2 very nice couples from Texas who are vacationing here who knew the area pretty good and they helped us find the road down to Tahiti Beach.

It started to rain a little so we stopped at "Da Beach Bar and Grill" to wait out the weather (very unique bar) and finally ended up at the "Abaco Inn" in the south part of the Cay for dinner.  We are told it is a must stop here and they were right, we had a delicious meal.  On our way back to town our golf cart stopped; wouldn't go forward or in reverse. Right when this happened the 2 couples who we had met earlier from Texas came by and offered to help.  We told them we had already called the owner on Channel 16 and he was on his way.  They insisted on waiting with us until help arrived.  Very nice people.  The golf cart owner picked us up and moved the cart to the side of the road until he could come back for it.  We caught the fairy back to our marina. It was a good but exhausting day. Awesome waves in the Atlantic due to the storm. They had to be 8 feet high.

 4-8-2014:  Firefly Sunset Resort Bar and Grill

4-8-2014:  Keith eating his Conch Chowder with lunch.

4-8-2014:  Da Beach Bar and Grill, right on the Atlantic Ocean

 4-8-2014:  View of the waves at Da Beach Bar and Grill.  I can't believe those girls went in swimming with such high waves.

4-8-2014:  View from the Abaco Inn of the Atlantic Ocean and the huge waves.

CO's comments:  I had Bahama craw fish for dinner.  It was bigger than the average lobster tails in the US.  For lunch  I had conch chowder and it was delicious. 

4-9-2014, Wednesday: 
It rained during the night and off and on during the day with cooler winds than usual.  It was a good day to get caught up on things around the boat and prepare for our next journey.  After checking the weather on several sights we decided to stay here for the next few days or so.  We planned on anchoring out for a week and don't want to get caught in bad weather without a marina to get into.