3-15-2014: Anchored out in the beautiful, clear blue water by Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 22 & 23, 2011, Friday and Saturday

Morehead City, NC, to Whittaker Pointe Marina, Oriental, NC:  We only had about 25 miles to go today so we got going about 09:00.  The weather report said the winds would be 10 to 15 knots with 2 to 3 foot seas.  All was well until we entered the Neuse River (very wide river) about an hour before we reached our marina.  It turned out to be 30 plus knots and at lease 4 foot seas.  It was pretty tense and a few things fell down but we got to the marina safely and there were 3 men on the dock waiting to bring us in.  We are real impressed with this marina.  It looks like it is fairly new, has fixed docks, and it is very clean, friendly, has free laundry and is only $1.25/ foot per day.  They also have a loaner car so we went into town and checked it out and had lunch.  The weather predictions were for more strong winds on the Neuse River on Saturday so we stayed another day.

CO's comments:  The weather forecasting so far on the east coast has been horrible.  You would think with the billions of dollars that have been spent on electronic gear would be more accurate, but it isn't.  I think 30 years ago we were doing just as well in forecasting if not better.  Back then we had eyes in the sky and today it is a damn computer.  This comes from over 45 years of flying.

N35 01.788
W76 40.889

Leaving Morehead on Friday 4-22-2011
Whittaker Pointe Marina

Shoaling on both sides of the channel
and these are the range markers to
follow in to the marina
Out sailing for the afternoon 4-23-2011

Sunset at Whittaker Pointe Marina on 4-23-2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

April 19 through 21 Tuesday through Thursday

Tuesday through Thursday, Morehead City, NC:  Not much to report these last few days.  Spent 4 days in Morehead City, NC.  We got caught up on some things and we rented a car for the day.  I had a list a mile long of stops planned; boy, that was a long day.  We drove up by New Bern, NC, and finally got our National Parks Senior Pass and we drove by one of the towns that got hit real bad by last Saturdays tornado's.  Keith got to go by Cherry Point where he spent his last year in the Marines and where he started his flying career. We will be leaving in the morning if the weather cooperates. These last 2 days we have had a some terrible winds coming off the Atlantic and we really got rocked and rolled here at the T-dock.  I will be glad to get to some calmer waters.

CO's comments:  This last week I felt right at home.  Camp Lejeune, Cherry Point, Harriers, and beached.  I can close my eyes and remembering landing on such beaches and moving inland.  Too bad a person has to age; my mind feels like 20 but my body doesn't cooperate!  I still don't like the boaters on the east coast as most are inconsiderate. 

This is some of the devastation from the storm that went north of us
More damage and the house next door was fine
A lot of trees down

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday and Monday, April 17 and 18

Sunday, April 17, Surf City to Swansboro Village Anchorage:  What a difference a day makes; we had a beautiful blue sky this morning when we left.  We had gritty sand all over everything, both inside and out, from the storm yesterday but we feel very fortunate that the tornado's did not touch down in Surf City.  We had a short day planned with only 33 miles to go to our anchorage.  We stopped for gas at New River Marina; where we had originally planned on staying.  We were glad we changed our minds.  They had the cheapest fuel in the area but that is all they had.  Not the most friendly, dirty restrooms, and wide open to being waked and storms.  As we left the fuel dock we saw about 20 dolphins playing in front of us; it was like they were having a family reunion!  We went past Camp Lejeune restricted area without any delays (about Mile 240.0).  Of course, Keith had me take some pictures.  We anchored in Swansboro Village just next to the marina in 15' of water; it was a little windy and the current was pretty strong but we had a good hold on the anchor.  After dark the winds died down.

N34 41.124
W77 07.161

Monday, April 18, 2011, Swansboro Village Anchorage to Portside Marina, Morehead City, NC:  We had another short day planned so we took our time before leaving.  The water was smooth and the current was still very strong.  Today we passed Marine Corps Air Station where the Harriers were practicing take-offs and landings.  They were very loud, especially when over head.  We got to the marina and were put on the T-dock.   The marina is right next to the Port Terminal which is very busy so we got waked quite a bit.  Very friendly and helpful owner; reasonably priced and free laundry.  We took a walk this afternoon to check out the town and we stopped at the Chamber of Commerce.  We plan on staying here for about 4 days.

N34 43.119
W76 42.314

CO's comment:  The tow boat companies are very busy daily.  It seems like we hear of someone going aground every day.  Yesterday we hear a mariners warning of a car in the water by the Onslow Bridge and we hear another warning of a mooring ball in the middle of the ICW that was 1' under water by the Beaufort Bridge.  We are monitoring Notice to Mariners daily.  Ever since we have been on the east coast boaters in smaller craft, for some reason, stand up while driving.  I don't understand this but they all do it.
This house on the ICW kind of
jumps right out at you
Camp Lejeune Marine Corps
restricted area

Camp Lejeune Practice Range
Onslow Bridge run by the Marine Corps

You see all kinds of boats on the ICW;
this beautiful, old boat we saw when
we were leaving our anchorage on 4-17-2011
USMC Harrier

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beach House Marina, Surf City, NC:  Boy, what a storm.  We had thunder, lightning, and tornado warning throughout the whole state.  Luckily we just had tornado warnings and we did not have a tornado touch down by us.  We did; however, have 60+ mph winds but we were tied up in a very secure marina.  We feel real lucky because several city's/town's were devastated.  After it was all over and the storms went out to the Atlantic everything was quiet by us.  The sky over the ocean was like the biggest 4th of July celebration ever; multiple lightning strikes at a time lit up the sky for miles in all directions.  Amazing how something so devastating could also be so beautiful.

Beach House Marina-we are on the
left protected from the wind
by a 15' to 20' wall
The marina office and the main
street of Surf City, NC

CO's comments: When we left the marina, Marker G71 that was supposed to be on the south side of the bridge was now on the north side of the bridge and in the middle of the marina channel.  We reported it to the Coast Guard.  Lucky for us, the big storm split just before it got to Surf City.  Part went north and the other part went just south of us.