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Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012-Book Completed

Our blog book came in the mail yesterday.  We just love it.  We used Blog2print to create our book and we got a beautiful, bound, hard cover book.  It was expensive but we think it was worth it as we now have a wonderful keep sake for our boat.  It was a little more difficult creating the book than just pressing a few buttons like the instructions said.   You have to make sure everything is exactly the way you want it before you save your book on Blog2print.  You can; however, view your book before saving it and I must have viewed our book at least 100 times before I was ready to save it. 

My biggest problem was I couldn't change the format of Blog2print.   For instance, I couldn't put in a forced hard page.  Even though captions were part of the pictures when entered on our blog, Blog2print would sometimes separate them.  Then, if I corrected something on say page 8, it would or could change every page after that.  I had to check and recheck to make sure this didn't happen.  Since our book was 356 pages this was very time consuming.  The instructions also said it would spell check but it did not.  We have found several typo's in looking over the book and this is my fault.  You know what they say; "To error is human" and I am very human!  With all this behind us, we are still very happy with our book and would recommend anyone interested in making a book of their blog to use Blog2print.

CO's comments:  I wish I was back on the boat.  It has been -10 degrees all last week and we have had 18 inches of snow.  I had rotator cuff surgery when we got home last October and my shoulder is healing nicely.  I have one more appointment the middle of March and he should OK me to go back to boating.