3-15-2014: Anchored out in the beautiful, clear blue water by Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Sunday, June 24, 2012

6-23 and 24, 2012: Leatherwood Creek anchorage and back to Pebble Isle

On Saturday, 23rd, we got going about 08:30.  When bringing up our anchor it felt heavy so I went slow and watched as it came up.  After bringing about 30' feet up there was this huge piece of metal caught on the chain; it had to be 3 1/2 to 4 feet long.  Keith had to get it off for me.  This was a first for us. 

We  traveled 39 miles to Leatherwood Creek (Mile 73.6) and anchored just before the marina.  Originally we had planned on anchoring at Mile 68.0 at Standing Rock Creek across the river from Paris Landing but when we got there the cove had way too many houses on it so we decided not to.  Leatherwood anchorage was not bad but so close to the marina there was a lot of boat traffic.  The Bar/Restaurant at the marina had a live band so we got to listen to music all evening.

On Sunday, 24th, we took our time and got going about 08:30 again.  With only 24 miles to go we got to our slip by 11:45.  This morning we saw the biggest tow/barge since we left the Mississippi.  It was 5 wide and 5 deep where they usually are 3 x 5.  It was empty except for 3 barges.  In all we were gone 3 weeks for our Cumberland River trip.  It is a beautiful river and worth seeing by boat.  We will be leaving for Montana this coming week and spend some time at home before we come back in August and finish exploring the Tennessee River.

N36  03.673
W87 57.007

CO's comments:  After dark while I was sitting with our anchor light on I heard the sound of boats.  I looked and could not see any.  Finally, several jet ski's came whizzing by our boat with no lights on.  An accident just waiting to happen.  Just before getting to Pebble Isle I increased our speed to blow some carbon out of the engines.  2 jet skies started jumping our wake (which was very high).  They were coming completely out of the water.  We looked behind our boat and saw a jet ski without the 2 drivers.  I guess the wake threw them off their ski.  That's why it is against the law for people to jump wakes of big boats.

Leatherwood entrance to anchorage and marina at Mile 73.6.  You have to really follow the red and green buoys and hug the south bank until you pass the large shallow area.  Once past the shallow area take a hard left (north) over to our anchorage.

 Tow pushing 25 barges, the 3 directly in front of the Tow are full and the other 22 are empty.