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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

We found more damage to the boat since we have been in St. Petersburg (pictured).  We are bringing the boat back to Embree Boat Yard on Monday to start finalizing the repairs.  He said to plan on about 3 days.  It will be good to have all this behind us.

We have been getting to know the St. Petersburg area pretty good.  There are a lot of really good restaurants that we have tried.  One is newly opened by the Airport Terminal and the new Dali Museum called "The Hanger" and the food was delicious.  We will definitely go back once more before leaving.  There also is a little restaurant close to the marina called "Fish Tales" and it is also very good.

Now that we have a better view of the front of the boat
we found more damage that was missed earlier

Went to lunch the last day we were at
Treasure Island with "The Old Grouch"-
David and Brenda and "Windsong"-
Jay and Joan
"Fish Tales" Restaurant on Salt Creek

"Fish Tales" Restaurant

Sunrise at the Harborage Marina

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kim Jo III at Harborage Marina in
St. Petersburg, Florida-
 1st floating dock since the Tenn-Tom
A gaggle of sailboats at the marina-
good thing we bought a "Grouper zinc saver"

Another beautiful Florida sunset
We are finally getting the boat work done.  We got to St. Petersburg on Thursday and had to spend the night in a hotel while they did some preliminary work on the boat.  Now we are at the Harborage Marina in downtown St. Petersburg and expect to be here for about 1 week.  The boat yard is Embree Marine and they are located at the very end of Salt Creek.  Salt Creek is very narrow and shallow and barely room for 2 boats to pass each other.  There are boat yards on both sides of the creek.

We met a very nice couple here at the Harborage Marina; Luc and Jocelyne.  They are loopers from Quebec and they started their loop last June from New York.  Jocelyne gave me her blog name and when I went on the first time it was all in French; Google thought of everything as I was able to translated it into English.

Salt Creek, another dead end
Salt Creek-outbound
Salt Creek-outbound also
Salt Creek-inbound

Our next boat; only $35 million
View looking out from our marina
at Tampa Bay

CO's Comments:  At $35 million I will need some investors!

Previously posted pictures from December 30, 2010

The star attraction at
Clearwater Aquarium
Winter has a prosthetic fin
Keith and Dave at Tarpon Springs

Time for a beer (or 2)
Me, Nancy, Keith, and Dave
at Tarpon Springs-
great Greek food