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Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011, Sunday - Still in Pebble Isle

Pebble Isle Marina, New Johnsonville, TN:  We have been here now for 12 days and are as settled in as we can be at this time.  We do not have our permanent slip yet; we are still waiting on the other boater to decide when, or if, he is leaving.  So for the time being, we are staying in our temporary slip.  Randy, the owner, said not to worry and when our slip opens up he will move us and it will be ready for us when we get back.

We are leaving for Wisconsin and our son's early in the morning (Monday).  We are renting a car but we have to go to Nashville, TN, to get it as there no car rental agencies in this area.  So, we will use the courtesy car from the marina and drive to Nashville (72 miles away), get the rental car, come back here with the courtesy car, and load up the rental car with all our "stuff"!  It is a round about way of doing it, but, you do what you have to do.  We will spend some time in Wisconsin and then head for Montana and our home.  It has been a long time since we were home and we are looking forward to getting there.

CO's comments: What a rat race!

Pebble Isle at sun set
Beautiful sun set on 9-5-2011