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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday evening sunset at Treasure Island
If anyone is in the area of Treasure Island, FL, you just can't beat "The Club at Treasure Island" just off from Treasure Island Causeway on the GIWW at Mile 119.  Talk with Les, the Dock Master, and go to this website and and he will take good care of you.  http://theclubti.com/   The price is right (really, really, right).  There is a junior Olympic size swimming pool, a Tiki Bar by the pool, tennis courts, a big work out room with everything you can think of, and a good restaurant.  You are within a mile of Publix and the gulf.  On Gulf Blvd you can pick up the "Suncoast Beach Trolley" that will take you anywhere from Clearwater to St. Pete Beach to Pass-a-Grille.   Any place else you want to go, Les or Bob will drive you or "Lady Etta",  the Harbor Host, will also help you out. They are wonderful people here and they make you feel right at home.  Last night the owner invited us to dinner at The Club because he felt bad about the incident.  We thought that was a very nice gesture.  We had a delicious meal and a nice evening.

We are still waiting on the estimate for our boat repairs; now they say we should have it by Monday.  The sooner the better as far as I am concerned.  This has put a delay in our plans for the rest of the winter.

CO's comments:  The estimate for repairing our boat just keeps going up and up.  It is a good thing the people that hit us have good insurance.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011, Boat Incident at Treasure Island Dock

Boy, you never know what's going to happen at any given time.  Yesterday, January 4, 2011, at 10:45, we were getting ready to walk to the grocery store.  I was in the salon and Keith was up in the porch.  Next thing we knew there was a loud crash and bang, the whole boat shook, a lot!  I thought we were sinking.  The force threw me down and I landed on the couch.  It wasn't more than a few minutes and I had a really bad migraine.  I took a migraine pill and went to bed to try an curb it as much as I could.  I slept for 2 hours and got up and took another one and went back to bed.  I am feeling much better today.

So, here's what happened.  There is a new Silverton with a new captain tied up to the dock in front of our boat.  He started his engines to warm them up and he lost control of his boat and ran straight into us.  He pulled four cleats out of the dock and broke the water main.  One cleat went flying about 75 yards and hit the building in front of us.  When he hit the front of our boat he broke the anchor roller, bent our flag pole beyond repair, and broke the safety railing.  We do not know yet if there is any structural damage.

Railing is all one piece

If we have to replace the whole railing they will have
to tear apart the inside of the boat to get at it

Cleat hit on the second flool above the window

CO's comments:  None at this time.  He will comment later after he cools down.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE! (my brother-in-law)

Backing out of dock at Jeff and Suzanne's

The dock at Jeff and Suzanne's
 When we signed up for a month to stay here at The Club at Treasure Island we knew that we had to move out on December 31st and January 1st because The Club had big entertainment coming in and they had long standing reservations for New Years Eve.  All along we were hoping someone would cancel so we didn't have to move but no luck.  We did, however, find a free dock on Active Captain for those two night.  Jeff and Suzanne Wright offer their dock to any boater in the area.  It all worked out for the better as Jeff and Suzanne are wonderful people we would have never met otherwise.  Thank you again Jeff and Suzanne.

CO's comment:  It sure can get shallow on the GIWW.

N27 46.144
W82 45.406