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Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 7, 2012; Aqua Yacht Harbor Marina

It has been very hectic these past few weeks. It is a lot of work transfering from one boat to the other and finding places to put everything. On top of moving, we have had maintenance and mechanics coming and going on a regular basis.

When buying an older boat you know you will have some things to fix but we had one unexpected surprise happen last Tuesday when we moved the boat from Grand Harbor to Aqua Yacht Harbor. We have had the boat out several times and the sea trial went good We started both engines just fine but a few minutes later the port flexible exhaust pipes came off and we started to take on water. Luckily we were at the dock and got all the water pumped out. I guess over time the exhaust hose shrunk and it blew off. The first part of this week we are getting new exhaust pipes put on along with our scheduled oil, filters, impellers, etc. work. By the end of the week we should also have our new radar and chart plotter hooked up and the Kim Jo IV put on the back. Then it will truly feel like our boat. It will be nice to get everything done and I can put the boat back together and we can get going down the Tenn-Tombigbee Waterway.

CO's comments: When purchasing an older boat expect the unexpected. We had a boat survey done by a surveyor that was highly recommended and had all the credentials but he evidently missed the exhaust pipe.   Oh well, life goes on.