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Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

We see these signs all over down
here.-Manatee Zone Slow Speed.
So far we have only seen 2 manatee

Island for sale just outside of the
City of Fort Myers Yacht Basin in the
Caloosahatchee River-we would love
to buy it

Dave and Pat's condo from the water

The Marina from the Edison Bridge
old Hwy 41

The CO added these fins on the
dinghy's outboard and man
does it go now

We have been catching up on things this past week both inside and out.  We put the dinghy in the water and have been exploring the area.  The other day we took it over to "Marinatown Marina" which is just off Hancock Creek across the river in N. Fort Myers.  This is where Pat and Dave's condo is. That area is so secluded you wouldn't even know it was there unless someone told you. 

Yesterday was shopping day and Doctor visits.  I had a list a mile long with several stops.  Dave and Pat graciously let us use their vehicle for the day.  I was very pleased with the CO as he held up pretty good considering he hates to shop, but we got it all done!

CO's comments:  XO thinks I held up pretty good but in reality I felt like sh__.  I went along with the program because we are a team.

Previously posted pictures from January 21 through 23

Picking oranges on the refuge

Hanging sponges to dry
The southern most point in the
Contintinental US

Gator eyes

Lots of alligators


Karen at the refuge
Tarpon Springs Sponge Factory
Florida Panther Wildlife Refuge
Bobbie, Keith, and Karen

Sunset at Mile 36 GIWW, Cape Haze, FL

Monday, February 21, 2011

Saturday and Sunday, February 19 and 20, 2011

Fort Myers was a very busy city this weekend.  They were celebrating the "Edison Festival of Light".  It was a beautiful weekend in the mid 80's.  They really celebrate big; a small parade last Sunday afternoon as starters and this weekend there was an Arts and Crafts show in Centennial Park, live band, lots of food vendors, a car show, a 3 mile race with over 1,000 runners, fireworks, and a 2 hour evening parade Saturday night.  The marina was full of boats for the festivities.  Some estimated up to 3 to 4 hundred thousand people were in town for the event.  Our friends that we met at Treasure Island, Bob and Barbara, drove down Saturday and we went to lunch.  We had a good visit and enjoyed seeing them.

CO's comments:  Boy did I have fun sitting on Bobbie's porch watching boats come in to refuel or dock for the weekend.  The fueling dock is 1/8 mile long on the river side with an inside area of 500 feet for smaller boats.  A big power cat came in, downwind, and tried to put his stern into the dock.  The dock master was throwing arms in the air, wailing on the radio, and finally got the guy to turn around into the wind and put his nose (bow) into the dock.  He couldn't even do that right.  He finally got a mid-ship line to the dock master and then they got him in.  Then there was another guy with an 18' outboard that came in, refueled, tipped his motor up out of the water, tied up and went to town for a while.  When they came back, he jumped in the boat and tried to start his motor.  It made a hell-of-a noise and it didn't start because he forgot to put the motor back in the water.  His women friend had to tell him to put the motor down.  There was another guy that came in on a 30' cruiser nose first; perfect.  The person on the bow tied up properly but the one on the stern grabbed the line tied to the dock and jumped off the boat holding the line and stood there watching the stern move away from the dock.  One more and I'll stop rambling.  In came a 40' express cruiser, docking again downwind and gusts over 20 mph blew the rear canvas up over his radar.  But I must say, the captain came by and was wearing a T-Shirt from West Point, he looked up and saw my USMC flag  and with common courtesy said Good Afternoon Sir.

A lots of crafts

Bob and Barbara
Our friends from Treasure Island

Arts and Crafts
Live band
Marching band at evening parade
American flag as you enter
City of Fort Myers Yacht Basin

Thursday evening, February 17, 2011

We got together with "Grace Full"; Flint and Leslie, who we hadn't seen since Bay Point in Panama City.  It was good to see them again.  We drove over to Punta Gorda for a Cruisers' Net party.  Flint and Leslie knew a few people but we only knew Flint and Leslie.  Most of the Cruisers' Net group are sail boat owners from Canada and the upper East Coast.  Everyone was very nice and agreed to talk with us even though we had a "power boat".  They said they wouldn't hold that against us.  We had a good time and met a lot of new friends.

Group Picture at the Cruisers' Net party

Close-up picture of our side of the group
There were at total of 66 boaters in attendance