3-15-2014: Anchored out in the beautiful, clear blue water by Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Monday, April 14, 2014

4-14-2014, Back at Marsh Harbour Marina

Got going by 07:30 on our way to Treasure Cay. About one half hour out our oil pressure dropped on our port transmission so the CO turned the port engine off. When he went down to the engine room and checked there was no transmission oil in the port transmission cooler. We called Marsh Harbour Marina to see if they had a mechanic and a slip for us and they did. We limped into the marina on the starboard engine and they tied us up at the far end of the gas dock. The mechanic can not come until tomorrow. This is very frustrating because this is the same transmission oil cooler core that we replaced, new, last November.

Later in the afternoon we went down to the bar for a while. We met this guy from Canada who made his own sail boat. It is 55' long, very wide, all welded steel, and very heavy. He had 10 ton of lead in his keel alone but we can’t remember how much it weighed overall. He was very interesting to talk with and he also had a great sense of humor. Also ran into Mike from Casey D, the marine, and talked with him about our boat problem. He said he knows of the mechanic and heard he is very good.


4-14-2014:  Leaving Elbow Cay

4-14-2014: Sail boat from Canada; he made it himself and it was a labor of love.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

4-10 thru 13-2014; Hope Town Inn and Marina

4-10-2014, Thursday: Lazy morning.  Rained off and on during the day.   We got a pump-out this morning.  It is probably the best kept secret in the Abaco and we didn’t find out about it until we got here.  It is the only pump-out in the Abaco that we know of.  Took a walk over to the Lighthouse Liquor store to replenish our wine and rum supply.

4-10-2014: Painted our new anchor so we can see it better in the clear water.

4-10-2014: They have short fingers here so we have room for the dinghy.  The CO would rather have a longer finger.

4-11 through 4-13-2014, Friday through Sunday:

Friday:  Happy Birthday Don!

More lazy days with intermittent sun and rain.  We took the shuttle over to Hope Town Settlement and did some shopping around and picked up a few groceries.  This will probably be the last place to buy groceries until we get back to the US. 

Michael, the Shuttle Boat driver and all around dock hand, told us about a local fisherman.   Friday afternoon the local fisherman came into the marina with his catch for the day.  He fishes for all the local restaurants in the area but he let us buy a fillet of Mahi Mahi.  When we cut it up it made 5 meals for the two of us.  Can hardly wait to try it.

Our friends from “Wind Warrior 1” got here Thursday with their company from Nova Scotia.  We got together for drinks on our boat Friday evening and had a very enjoyable visit.

On Saturday it really stormed hard from 14:00 to 17:00 with very high winds at least 25 knots with higher gusts.  Then it stopped raining and the winds calmed down to almost their norm. This was the worst storm we have had since we have been in the Bahamas.

Sunday we woke up to the sun and winds a little stronger than normal. The weather forecast doesn’t look good for the next week. There does look like a little break on Monday and Tuesday with thunder storms only predicted for part of the days so we are going to try and boat over to Treasure Cay.

CO comments: I told Michael that I was going to apply for his job driving the shuttle.  He said fine, go ahead, but you will be on the night shift because I am not giving up my day shift and I have seniority.  He is a good guy and likes to kid around.  All the locals here are very nice and helpful.

4-12-2014:  Hope Town Inn and Marina.

4-12-2014:  Marina slips with Lighthouse in background.

4-12-2014:  Hope Town Inn and Marina main dock.

4-12-2014:  Hope Town Inn and Marina main pool with waterside bar.

4-12-2014:  Hope Town Inn and Marina Bar, Restaurant, and play area.

4-12-2014:  Hope Town Inn and Marina second pool and hot tub located in back of the resort.

4-12-2014:  Michael driving the shuttle that takes us from the marina to the other side of the harbour to Hope Town Settlement.

4-12-2014:  Resident kitty napping in the bird bath.

4-12-2014:  Storm coming in.

4-13:014: CO really knows how to relax.

4-13-2013: When you have a problem on your mast, you have to fix it, even in 20 knot winds.

4-13-2014: Our friends from Ontario are here and plan on staying for 6 months.