3-15-2014: Anchored out in the beautiful, clear blue water by Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Friday, December 14, 2012

December 13 and 14, 2012; Panama City to Carrabelle, FL

Thursday the 13th, Panama City, FL:
We couldn’t make up our minds if we were going to leave or not because the water was very low due to the wind and weather and we didn’t know if we could get out of the marina. So I went to the Post Office with Elvie about 09:30. When were done at the PO her car would not start; not even turn over. Anyway, we finally found out it needed a new starter. By the time we got back to the boat it was about 14:00 and we decided to go to the east side of Panama City and anchor out for the night.  We then could take advantage of the full day of day light on Friday. We left about 14:45 and went to the Lighthouse Marina and got about 400 gallons of diesel and then found out they did not have a pump-out so we left hoping to find one on the way tomorrow. After an hour at the gas dock we left for our anchorage and got there by 16:30 and were all settled in by 17:00 just as the sun set. 20 minutes later it was dark. We had a very quiet night and were in bed by 20:00 as we were getting up early in the morning.

CO's comments:  We anchored at Pearl Bayou and it was an excellant anchorage.  We found out about this anchorage from our friend Carl.


High tide on 12-12-2012; we had to step down to our 5 step ladder.

Low tide at Pirates Cove on 12-13-2012; there was no Island there when we arrived.

Keith at the helm on 12-14-2012

Friday the 14th, Carrabelle, FL: 
Got up by 05:30 and we were on our way by 06:15. We had a light drizzle all morning. It was only 48 degrees this morning and so cold I put on Susie’s winter jacket she gave me with down filling and a wind break plus long underwear. Couldn’t find a pump-out anywhere, not even Apalachicola. There was only one marina in town with a pump-out and it was out of order. That made up our minds to go all the way to Carrabelle for the night. A long day but we can sleep in and get ready for our crossing on Saturday and Sunday (hopefully).

We crossed Lake Wimico and it was very smooth. I was a little worried as 2 years ago when we crossed it was very wavy but all went good. When we went through Apalachicola we saw our first crab pods since the Tenn-Tom. Just out side of Apalachicola on the Bay we met a Tow that was a ground in the channel. We passed him on the two and only had about 1' of water under our props; very skinny water and we were glad to make the turn where the water got a little deeper. Guess the tow will have to wait for high tide. Apalachicola Bay and St. George Sound were just a little choppy but otherwise good. It was a very long day but we made it to Carrabelle. Keith had a good talk with Tom Conrad the other night and got some good advise from him.  We topped off with fuel and now we will wait for tomorrow to see if we can cross the gulf.


CO's comments:  The last time we were through Apalachicola I couldn't understand why any one would want to stay there.  This time, I still can't understand why any one would want to stay there.  Leaving there the last time the water was skinny and this time it was even skinner.