3-15-2014: Anchored out in the beautiful, clear blue water by Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Saturday, September 7, 2013

9-7-2013, Dry Creek Anchorage, TN, Mile 211.0

Saturday:  A little fog but it dispersed right away.  We had just 2 miles to go to the Wheeler Lock and we got right through.  About 15 miles later we went through the Wilson Lock and got  straight through on that one also.  The Wilson Lock was the largest lock; 93 feet, we had to go through on this trip; we were in and out in 20 minutes.  It was our lucky day for locks.  Yesterday Keith noticed the Port Oil Pressure gauge was acting sporadically and it was doing the same this morning so he called TJ and he said he could look at it this afternoon at Aqua Yacht Harbor so we detoured to Aqua Yacht for 45 minutes.  Luckily it was just a loose housing and all is OK.  We left Aqua Yacht Harbor and found a nice anchorage at Mile 211.0, Dry Creek, just before the Pickwick Lock.  We anchored in 15' of water and put 50' of anchor rode out.  It was very hot and after we got settled in we jumped in the water for a while.  This anchorage is also very popular with the locals as it was quite full.  Surprisingly for a Saturday night, most all the boat left by 20:00.  Also, at about 20:00 we got hit with thousands of May Flies so maybe that is why the locals left.  It was an early night, in bed by 21:00.

CO’s comments: Most all the boaters were courteous and did not make a wake for those anchored.  The one exception were old people in their pontoons that were curious and had to get as close to you as possible while not slowing down.  Sunday drivers on the water.

9-7-2013: Dry Creek anchorage at Mile 211.0

Friday, September 6, 2013

September 6, 2013 Anchorage at First Creek, Mile 277.0

Friday:  Another beautiful morning.  Guntersville, AL, area is very nice and the Alred Marina people were very helpful.  Keith checked to see what they charge for an annual slip and also if they did 6 months rentals.  The said they would and the price was reasonable.  It included cable TV, good Internet connection (that worked all the time), and our cells also worked good here.  Interesting; something to think about.  We have said this before but it is worth saying it again; the Tennessee River is awesome.  We are still in awe of it’s beauty. 

Ten miles underway this morning we encountered dense fog, right before the Guntersville Lock.  Up to that point is was a very sunny day.  The fog lasted for about 2 miles; 2 of the longest miles we have encountered in a while.  We could not see the lock until we were right on top of it.  Our radar and chart plotter got us safely in and out of the lock.  We made real good time on the river today; averaged about 11 mph.  We traveled 79 miles in just under 8 hours at 1700 RPM’s. 

CO’s comments:  I didn't see the lock doors until I was about 60' from them.  A good accurate chart plotter and radar are essential in times like this. 

9-6-2013: Like a picture post card.  Taken about a mile before the Guntersville Lock at Mile 349.0.

9-6-2013: Entering the fog bank.

9-6-2013: Fog rising.

9-6-2013: Our anchorage at First Creek, Mile 277.0+ by Joe Wheeler State Park..

Thursday, September 5, 2013

9-3, 4 & 5 2013 Chattanooga,TN to Guntersville, AL

Tuesday:  After 4 wonderful days in Chattanooga we got going early as we had a long day planned.  About 45 minutes underway we changed back to Central time.  It was dark when we started and foggy when the sun started to come up but later on it turned into another beautiful day.  This was the most miles we have put on the Gulf Star in one day (excluding both Gulf crossings), 104 miles.  We were hot and tired when we stopped at 15:50 Central Time.  After we settled in we grilled some burgers and just relaxed.


Wednesday: We had a pleasant morning.  We sat and watched the sun come up and took our time getting going.  We had a short day with only 6.5 mile to Alred Marina in Guntersville, AL.  We put on fuel and got a pump out and then to our slip.  After we got settled we took the courtesy car to Napa so Keith could get his oil and filters to do an oil change this afternoon.  We also went to Walmart and got a few things.  When Keith was changing oil I did the wash.  It had been 11 days since I last washed so I had quite a bit.  We stayed over a second day and got caught up on  things.  We had a guy come out and look at our Inverter; it has been registering low battery again.  He showed Keith how to reset the system to get low battery light off.  We finally think we know how this thing works.


CO’s comments:  When we first started our boating adventures way back in Red Wing, MN, we said to ourselves we will never travel in fog, never in thunder storms, and never on the river system at night.  A lot has sure changed.  Now we think nothing of leaving in the dark and in fog but we are still cautious in thunderstorms.

9-2-2013: Me walking the watery steps in Chattanooga, just had to try it before leaving.

9-3-2013: Leaving Chattanooga at 0 dark 30.

9-3-2013: Foggy at first.

9-3-2013: Started to clear.

9-3-2013: Turned into a beautiful day.

9-3-2013: Short Creek anchorage in evening.

9-4-2013: Sunrise at Short Creek anchorage.

9-5-2013: Kim Jo IV at Alred Marina, Guntersville, AL.

9-5-2013: View from our slip, looking out towards the river.

Monday, September 2, 2013

9-1 and 2, 2013 Last 2 days in Chattanooga

Sunday the 1st:  It rained on and off most of the day. We had about a 3 to 4 hour window so we walked up to the Hunter Museum of American Art.  It was the first Sunday of the month so it was free.  There were two buildings.  The first gallery had the special exhibition gallery and the artist featured this month was Whitfield Lovell.  He did Conte crayon (similar to charcoal) portraits of unknown people whose facial expressions intrigued him and his second gallery called “Deep River” had imagery symbolizing the people who fled to freedom in Camp Contraband, which was a Union camp in Chattanooga during the Civil War on the north shore of the Tennessee River and a safe haven for people, mostly African American slaves, who made it across to freedom.  The second building was the original building of the museum, the Mansion.  This beautiful mansion had art from early American, landscapes, Civil War, decorative arts, early abstraction, the depression, and contemporary art.  Some of the art we enjoyed but most of it was not something we would have paid money for.

We still had some sun shine when we finished the museum so we went for a ride on the “Chattanooga Ducks”.  These amphibious trucks were first used in WW2 (then it was called DUCKW).  We drove down a long boat ramp rather fast and into the water and toured the river (the fast ride down the ramp was the best part for me).
This evening they had fireworks again, that’s 3 nights in a row.  Tonight we could see them from the boat.

9-1-2013: Horse from outside the museum, couldn’t take pictures inside).

9-1-2013:  From our ride on the Chattanooga Duck-Kim Jo IV in upper right hand corner.

9-1-2013:  Keith and the Duck

9-1-2013:  Water running down steps to the river; kids of all ages play in the water.

9-1-2013:  3 boys set up a strap and were walking across the fountain, only one made it while we were watching.

Monday the 2nd:  This is our last day in Chattanooga.  We went to breakfast at the Blue Plate restaurant and sat out side because it was a beautiful and cool morning and we had a great view of the river.  After breakfast we stopped at the Aquarium gift shop for a few things.  The clerk said that this weekend they had record attendance at both the  Ocean and the Fresh Water Aquariums.  They had over 5,000 people on both days and at both displays.  We can believe that because on Saturday when we went through it was very crowded and you had to watch your step because there were kids everywhere.

CO's comments:  I have had enough of people to last me for 6 months.  Every place we went there were young couples with at least 3 little kids and with one on the way.  Just because I am standing by the duck, doesn't mean it was my idea to go for the ride.  The XO got to do every thing she wanted to and then some.  I'm pooped!.

9-2-2013:  The whole downtown fountain area is dedicated to the “Cheyenne Nation” because this was Cheyenne land before it became Chattanooga.  Seven is a sacred number for the Cheyenne and the 7 water fountains symbolize that.

9-2-2013: Breakfast at the Blue Plate.