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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday through Tuesday; June 12 , 13 & 14, 2011

Sunday; Orleans County Dock:  Stayed over another day because the weather was supposed to be bad again;  well, it wasn't.   The weather report has been wrong so many times you are almost tempted to just go, but the time we do that, the report will probably be right.  One of the women from the dock brought me to Walmart so I stocked up.  This was the first time I have been to Walmart since Telmar, Florida, when Joanie took me to Walmart.

CO's comments:  The county dock was on Oak Orchard Creek.  In regard to my earlier comments about New Yorkers; I have to take some of that back.  At this dock, the people were very friendly and every one observed the no wake signs.  We were invited over to another boat for drinks and had a wonderful evening.

Monday; St. Catherine's Marina, Port Weller, Ontario, Canada:  The weather report said that Lake Ontario would have 1 meter+ on the eastern half of the lake and less than 1 meter on the western half so we decided to go for it.  They were right; we had quite the ride up until 10:00.  We were  rockin and rollin a lot.  After 10:00 the lake started to calm down and by the time we got to Port Weller it was down right nice.  They had us check into Customs before pumping our gas; it took about 1/2 hour.  We are settled into our slip and will be here until Thursday when we will go up the Welland Canal.  The canal should be interesting.  According to the book it will take any where from 8 to 12 hours with no stopping allowed.

CO's comments:  At one point I know the waves were 1 meter+ and all white caps.  We had a first for us; we put the bow completely under a white cap and water sprayed over the bridge.  I asked Bobbie for a safe haven and she found one but by the time we were in sight of it the winds had calmed down so we kept going.


Tuesday; Day 2 at St. Catherine's Marina:  Boy are we glad we decided to travel yesterday as today the lake is terrible; very windy with huge waves and white caps.  We walked down to Lock 1 this morning and saw a huge ship locking through to Lake Ontario.  It was so big it filled the whole lock; pretty impressive.  Keith changed the oil and filters today and I am washing clothes.  Had to get some "Looneys" from the office to use in the machines.

CO's comments:  For the last few months we have been averaging about 100 hours a month.  Today I looked at the boat and we are sitting at least an inch or more lower in the water than we were when we were in salt water.  I don't think this helps our gas mileage.

Over looking Lake Ontario from
our slip at St Catherine's Marina
View from our slip at
St Catherine's Marina

Huge ship in Lock 1 on
his way to Toronto
Lock 1 of 8 locks in
the Welland Canal