3-15-2014: Anchored out in the beautiful, clear blue water by Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 2 through 28, King Fisher Bay Marina, Demopolis, AL

June 2 through 28-2014, Demopolis, AL, Kingfisher Bay Marina:

On Monday, the 2nd , slept in and just rested up from all our travel days.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 3rd and 4th, we picked up our car in New Johnsonville, TN.  Roy and Elvie drove down to Demopolis and picked us up and we drove back to their boat in Nashville.  The next morning we drove over to Pebble Isle, had lunch, and Roy and Elvie left for Nashville.  We visited with Barry for a short while and then we headed back to our boat in Demopolis.

On Thursday the 5th through Tuesday the 10th, we worked at finally getting things done around the boat.  We both have long lists and we are still working on them.  Keith repainted the anchor chain, greased the windless, and oiled the propeller shafts and I helped with taking the chain out and then back in again; it is very heavy.

On Wednesday, the 11th, we drove over to Meridian, MS, and did some shopping at Lowe’s and Walmart and checked out a few other places.  We replaced all of our smoke/fire alarms since they hadn’t been done since 2000.

Thursday the 12th; Happy 17th Birthday Derek. 

Lazy day but did a few things on our list.  Friday the  13th,  I finished all the wood inside the boat; used Murphy’s Oil soap and it looks good.  Keith did half the bright work outside. 

Saturday the 14th; Happy 11th Birthday Austin. 

Did a few things on our list and went into town and did some grocery shopping, etc.  Keith still working on the bright work.  Keith did a pump-out.  We can only go two weeks when using the heads on a regular basis.  It is nice having the pump-out right here at our slip.

6-14-2014:. Flag Day and also Austin’s Birthday.

Sunday the 15th through Wednesday the 20th,  still working on our lists. Tried to do some sewing projects but my thread keeps knotting up. I don’t know if it’s the machine, the material, or me. Now the whole bobbin case fell out so I guess it will be a while before I can cross sewing off my list.   I was planning on going to town again on the Tuesday the17th to pick up a few things but when I started the car there was a loud noise coming from under the hood.  Keith checked it out and he thinks it was the fan for the air conditioning so I did not go to town.  On Wednesday the 18th, Keith picked up all our supplies for an oil change from Napa in the morning and then I drove into town before it got too hot since we could not use the air.  Thursday the 19th, we got going early because of the heat and no air and drove to Meridian, MS (about 1 hour away) to the Lincoln dealer to get our air conditioning fixed and to replace spark plug coil assembly #5.  This is the 4th coil that has gone out on us; only 4 more to go!  In checking, they decided to change all 8 spark plugs as well as the coil.  After checking the air conditioning unit they found we had a bad compressor and it had to be replaced.  It would take a whole day to replace it so they got us a rental car and we drove back to the boat in Demopolis.  Our car and all it’s repairs will be done by 17:00 on Friday. 

6-15-2014: Huge yacht came in for the night.

Friday the 20th; Keith went to the range with two of the guys from our dock and they did some practice shooting for the match tomorrow.  I stayed at the boat and got our wash done.  After Keith got back from the range, we drove over to Meridian to pick up our car.  It was done by 16:45 and it wasn’t cheap but we now have much needed air conditioning (or so we thought); the temps have been in the mid to high 90's all week long.  We stopped and got a few things at Lowe’s and had dinner at Red Lobster before heading back to Demopolis.  We only got half way back and our air conditioning was blowing hot air only.  It had worked up to that point.  It was 19:00 by this time and still 95 degrees.  It was too late to go back to the Lincoln dealer so we kept on driving back to the boat.  The dealership is not open on weekends so we left several messages letting them know we were not happy with the situation and we would be there first thing Monday morning and expect them to fix the problem.

Saturday the 21st, Happy Birthday Ronn! 

Keith went to the shooting match for most of the day.  By mid afternoon we had a terrible thunder and lightening storm and then it just rained for a few hours.
Sunday the 22nd, Happy Birthday Sharon! 

We didn’t do much of anything but get ready for our trip back to Wisconsin and Montana.

Monday the 23rd through Saturday the 28th: Got going early on Monday the 23rd and got to the Lincoln dealership by 07:30. We sat there all morning and by 12:00 they had fixed the problem; they said it was a defective part and they replace it with a new compressor. Hopefully we are good for our trip next week. The rest of the week we spent getting ready.  It also rained some every day the rest of the week.

CO's comments:  Al is a marine from about the same time I was in.  I was walking by his boat and he was cleaning a rifle with a great big scope.  He is just getting into bench rest shooting.  We talked and I said it looks like fun so I went with them last weekend and had a great time.  We shot on a private range and as long as you believe they way I believe you would get along with all the good old boys.  Al has a 45 with some very special ivory grips.  On one side is a carving of a purple heart and the US flag at half mast and the other side he has the names of the 22 marines that were lost under his command in Viet Nam.  The Purple Heart is his.  After the Corp he retired from the FBI.  I intend to get into shooting the rest of the summer when we get back from Montana.  One of the shooters at the range was in the Air Born and he finally admitted that marines are some of the toughest SOB's he has ever met.

Ramp going down to slips

Ramp to Shower and Laundry rooms

If you look real close you can see Kim Jo IV with Keith (in white) 
on the back of the boat and Al (in red) walking on the dock

Laundry and Showers with a gathering place on top for picnics, etc.

Grill provided by marina

More views of slips

Sea Food restaurant on the premises

Laundry room


Transient dock

 Swimming pool

6-24-2014:  King Fisher Bay Marina and Demopolis Yacht Basin, Demopolis, AL