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Friday, November 8, 2013

November 8, 2013

Still at Pebble Isle Marina

Not much happening since our last post. We are still waiting on a part for the transmission cooler. Hopefully it will get here early next week so we can get it installed and still have time to take the boat out for a test ride before we leave next Friday for Wisconsin.

Last week end the Johnsonville State Historic Park celebrated their 149th Anniversary of the Battle of Johnsonville. To commemorate the anniversary of the battle they had civil war cannon firing  demonstrations, infantry demonstrations, and an anniversary walk on the actual day the battle was fought; November 4 (1864).. In addition there was a Union infantry encampment where they gave musket firing demonstrations. It was a 3 day affair and they had tent set up for the Union and Confederate soldiers that camped out.  The Union camp was by our marina and the Confederate camp was across the river from us.

CO’s comments:  Had fun the last couple of months watching the fuel dock.  For the most part, yachts would approach very slow and ease themselves into the dock with all lines and fenders in the proper place.  Then, 16' bass boats would come in fast, bounce off the gas dock, lines and fenders not ready and take 2 or 3 more tries to get themselves docked.  We watched one guy one day and it took him 20 minutes to get tied up and that was with help.  We have been here a while and I am ready to get moving.  It must be the Viking blood in me. 

Welcoming committee

Infantry men

 Infantry camp

Chaplin and  some  artillery men

Relaxing by their cannon
Artillery men's camp
 Infantry drill team (practicing)
 CO talking with the Chaplin
Pictures from the Battle of Johnsonville commemorative event.