3-15-2014: Anchored out in the beautiful, clear blue water by Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Friday, April 25, 2014

4-21-2014 thru 4-25, 2014, still at Marsh Harbour Marina

4-21, 22 & 23-2014, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:
Monday was a lazy day, didn’t do much of anything.  Mike from Casey Dee and Bob and Sherry from Wind Song II left Tuesday morning.  The Whale has calmed down and quite a few boats are leaving.  We rented a car for 24 hours starting at 12:30 today.  This afternoon we drove to Treasure Cay and see the sights.  Beautiful beach and enjoyed a good lunch.  We were not too impressed by the marina, especially for the price they charge per foot.  We were glad we did not  take the boat there.  On Wednesday morning we drove to Little Harbor, Pete’s Pub and Gallery, and had lunch.  We really liked this place and will probably bring our boat here sometime.  Their gallery was excellent with some of the most beautiful sculptures I have ever seen.  I really liked “The Old Man in the Sea”; it was huge and cost thousands of dollars.  I would have bought it (LOL!) but we don’t have room on the boat for it.

CO's comments: They only use 12 gauge shotguns with slugs here for boar hunting and they consider it a delicacy.  I would like to try it sometime.  At Nippers on Guana Cay, they have a wild boar roast every Sunday.

4-22-2014: The beach at Treasure Cay

4-22-2014: These Curly Tail’s are found on all the Cays in the Abaco.  Thought you would like this Austin.

4-23-2014: Our day at Little Harbor.

4-23-2014:  Unique speed bumps at Little Harbor.

4-23-2014:  View on the drive up to Little Harbor.  We were told that this is good boar hunting land.  Boar and birds are the only thing they hunt here on Great Abaco Island.

4-24 and 25-2014, Thursday and Friday: More lazy days, waiting on our boat part.  It rained most of the afternoon on Thursday.  Now we are told our part will not be here until Monday because of the holiday

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Still at Marsh Harbour Marina

4-15-2014, Tuesday: Basil, our mechanic, came early this morning and it took several hours for him to get the transmission oil cooler core out.  He took it, along with 2 older ones we found in the boat, back to his shop to pressure test them all.   Our friends from Wind Warrior came in this afternoon.  Their company is flying out of Marsh Harbour tomorrow morning.  Wind Warrior and Casey Dee are kinda like our friends from Roy El; they know every body!  There were several other sail boaters here at the marina and we had a big get together at the pool, drinking “Bilge Burners” and having a good time.  It was good for the CO to try and forget our boat problems.  Basil, our mechanic called back later and said that all 3 oil coolers had leaks.  He is going to try to fix them and will get back to us.

4-15-2014:  Jan and Ron from Wind Warrior

4-15-2014:  Semper Fi; Mike from Casey Dee and Keith

4-15-2014:   CO and XO

4-16-2014, Wednesday: Rib Night at Marsh Harbour Marina.  Several boaters got together again to enjoy the ribs and the entertainment.  Most are winding down and preparing to return to the US and/or Canada as soon as the weather permits. 

Bad news on our transmission oil cooler core unit. After conversing with a company in the states it was decided it can’t be fixed. We have to send the old one to a company in the State of Washington to have a new one built. Contrary to what we were told last November by the company who sold it to us, we did not get a new one installed at that time; it was rebuilt. Very frustrating.

4-16-2014: Enjoying Rib Night at Marsh Harbour Marina, Jib Room as well as the live entertainment.

4-17-2014, Thursday: Everyone at the marina had a get together at the Jib Room for "Happy Hours" from 17:00 to 19:00. There was a special on some bar drinks and we all brought hors d’oeuvres. There was a big turn out. After we went over to Jan and Ron’s sail boat for a quiet, enjoyable evening.

4-18-2014, Friday: Couldn’t get a car for today so we went for a sail with Mike, Sherry, Bob and Charles (Sherry’s dog) over to Guana Cay and had lunch at Nippers. It was a nice enough day with just the right amount of wind so we sailed all the way over there without the engine running; Mike had two sails up. If was very peaceful and quiet ride. It was awesome. We got over 5 knots with just the sails and that made Mike very happy. We had a good lunch, took some pictures, checked out some of the shops and headed back to Marsh Harbour. We had stronger winds on the way back so we only had the small sail up and also the engine running; I am told it is called "motor sailing". When we returned we had drinks on Bob and Sherry’s sail boat.  My first sail and it was a great day.

4-18-2014:  Bobbie with her new friend, Charles

4-18-2014: On the Casey Dee with sails up.

 4-18-2014:  Mike and his crew; Keith and Bob

4-18-2014: Keith and Bob up on the bow of the Casey Dee with sails up.

4-18-2014: Lunch at Nippers on the beach.

4-18-2014: Sherry, Charles, Bob and Mike enjoying the ocean view.

4-18-2014:  Bob and Sherry from Wind Song II

4-18-2014: Nippers at the beach on Atlantic Ocean; a Post Card compliments of Sherry.

4-19-2014, Saturday: Rain and thunderstorms all day. I didn’t even leave the boat.

4-20-2014, Sunday: Happy Easter! We are still here and will be for a while.