3-15-2014: Anchored out in the beautiful, clear blue water by Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

We are getting to know the area better. 
On our daily walks we see beautiful wild flowers along the road side.  The one pictured here we see a lot.  I've asked several people what the name is & no one we have asked so far knows the name.  I googled Alabama Wild Flowers and found out there are 432 different species in the state.  I think it is the Common Morning Glory (Ipomoea Purpurea).  I don't know my flowers very well so I could be wrong.

The fall colors are starting on the river.  Hopefully by the end of the month we will see full color.  We have been exploring all the little coves around our marina in our dinghy.  Today was a beautiful day and a lot of boats were out.

Pictured is our neighbors paddle wheel tow.  The interior is luxurious.  It is for sale and we think it would make a good boat for Nora and Andy.

I have been checking the stats for our blog and it is really interesting to see how many different countries have logged on to our site; as of today there have been 11 countries with 2,754 log ins.

CO's comments:  We still have to contend with spiders while in port.  At this marina we have a new nuisance; ants.  We have been told that they are sugar ants and they are so small it takes 50 of them in one spot before you can see them.  They are driving Bobbie crazy.  I am constantly spraying and washing so that the XO doesn't chew on me. 

The XO has been taking some stats of her own and to date we have travelled 1,363.4 miles on 5 different rivers.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The "I Love Lucy"
It has been a while since we have checked in with everyone.  You would think being retired we would have all the time in the world but the days just fly by.  We have been at Bay Hill Marina for over a week now and we will be here until October 22 when we will go the Joe Wheeler State Park for the Looper Rendezvous.  The Loopers here are a busy group.  We have been to several "Docktail" hours, had a pot luck, and went out to Sunday Brunch.  Many are getting ready to go further south for the winter.  One couple, Ed and Lucy, left today; their boat is named "I Love Lucy".  I think that is so sweet of Ed to name the boat after his wife.  We got up early this morning to say good bye.  We hope we run into them again this winter.  It's sad meeting people and then having to say bye so quickly after meeting.  Another couple, Dave and Joy, have a huge paddle wheel tug named Columbia and they only need a 2' draft; they can go any where.  They let us use their truck to go to town for supplies.  Roy El is the 3rd boat on our dock and Roy and Elvie are the owners.  They have been living on their boat for 7 years!  Everyone has been real nice and very helpful.  All three boats have been up and down the Tenn-Tom and all around the gulf and have given us great anchorages to use.  Three other looper boats left already. 

Good Bye Ed and Lucy

We will see you again, I Love Lucy

CO's comments:  Of the 6 boats mentioned only 1 has a permanent home on land
and only 3 own cars

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Previously posted pictures from September 19 through 22 - Aqua Yacht Harbor, Mile 268.0, & Bay Hill Marina

Emery EL flying the Gold Burgee
Slip at Aqua Yacht Harbor
Anchorage at Mile Marker 170.0
on the Tennessee River


Beautiful house by Aqua Yacht Harbor

I saw one of these last year and wanted
one ever since

In Pickwich Lock and Dam

Previously posted pictures from September 16 and 18 - Pebble Isle to Mile 143.0

One can only guess what happened here!
Coast Guard adding/changing buoys
Coast Guard at work
Anchorage at Mile Marker 143.0 Bow View
Anchorage at Mile Marker 143.0 Stern View
Mile Marker 143.0 Tennessee River

Previous pictures from September 12 through14 - Green Turtle Bay, Mile Marker 62.6 on the Tennessee, and Pebble Isle

Someone built their house on the abandon RR
Leaving anchorage at Mile Marker 62.6-
Fort Heiman Cove, KY
Leaving the Barkley Canal, KY
An abandoned RR station after they
built the Kentucky Dam
Entering anchorage at Mile Marker 62.6
Fort Heiman Cove
Our slip at Pebble Isle on the Tennessee River
New Johnsonville, TN
First view of the Tennessee River
Mile Marker 52.1  Day Marker
Birds love to nest on these

Previous pictures from September 8 through 10 - Green Turtle Bay

View from gift shop at Green Turtle Bay
He washes his boat (Trojan) every day even if it is raining.
Guess this is why they call it Green Turtle Bay
Our slip at Green Turtle Bay

Green Turtle Bay view

Previous pictures from September 5 through 8 - Little River Diversion Channel, Mile 965.5 on the Ohio, and Green Turtle Bay

Olmstead Lock and Dam under construction
We anchored across at Mile Marker 965.5
Lock & Dam 53 on Ohio River-wickets down
Lock & Dam 52 on Ohio River-wickets up

Little River Diversion Channel anchorage

Tow on Mississippi River with big backwash-4-5'

Kaskaskia River-look real close on left to see Asian Carp

Hello Ohio River
Good bye Mississippi River


Pictures from September 2 through 4 - Alton, Hoppies, and Evansville

Our dock at Alton
Entering Chain Of Rocks Canal before St. Louis
St. Louis Arch from the water
Our gas truck in Evansville, IL
Evansville Bar and Grill on 2 barges
Tied up to the barges at Bar and Grill
View of tie up at night

In Melvin Price Lock 26

Pictures from Nancy on our departure