3-15-2014: Anchored out in the beautiful, clear blue water by Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Friday, October 26, 2012

October 26, 2012, Bobby's Fish Camp. AL

Thursday, 10-25-2012:
We got going at our regular time and Keith and I pretty much have our departing down pat; all went well.  Before leaving we found out we had to wait on 3 tows in the Demopolis Lock. There were 4 boats in all in the lock and we did not get through the lock until 09:30. Because it took so long we changed our planned anchorage from Bashi Creek to Kemp's Landing. We ended up going a total of 43.2 miles and anchored by 13:40. We were first into the anchorage, which looked very small, and then Roy El tied up to our Port. Shortly after we got settled, "Pogo" came into to anchor so we told them they could raft onto us, so we were in the middle and Pogo was to our starboard. It was my night for dinner and we invited Pogo to join us. It was the first time we had 8 around our table, a little crowded but we made do. It was a very enjoyable evening.


Heron's in Demopolis Lock on 10-25-2012

Rafting in Kemp's Landing with Roy El and Pogo on 10-25-2012

Cooking Chili for 8 on grill on back of boat

Kemp's Landing, very cozy anchorage at Mile 173.5

Keith saw this "Restaurant" on the river, looked like it would be pretty hard to get to!

Friday, 10-26-2012:
It was another beautiful sunny day on the river with the highs in the 90's. We had a leisurely ride down river to Bobby’s Fish Camp. A total of 55.24 miles and we got here by 13:00. There was a 65' boat already here and the two of us so we filled the dock up. Bobby’s now has electric, both 30 and 50 amps. Keith saw an alligator about 1 ½ miles before docking at Bobby’s. On our way in, this guy hollered at us and held up a huge US Marine Corps flag and waved us in. He saw Keith USMC flag on our boat. After we docked we went over to meet him. His name was Bob Adams and he is a retired "Gunny" and recruiter from the marines and was an interesting old guy to talk with.

Went to Bobby’s for Cat Fish tonight. 2 more boats came into Bobby's so both Roy El and Kim Jo IV have boats rafted to then,


Sun rise on 10-26-2012 leaving our anchorage at Kemp's Landing

Roy El on 10-26-2012 in early morning fog

Rafting at Bobby's Fish Camp-5 boats in all

Bobby's Friday Night Catfish.

CO's comments:  Same thing at Bobby's as the last time we were here.  The XO had to use her Landing Loop to catch a kleet.  Once she had the kleet, I got off and secured the boat.  After we had things under control, some guys from the 65' boat came to help but by then all they did was get in the way and confuse things.  Today was the second marine that I had a chance to talk with in the last 3 days.  It brings back old memories.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 22, 23 & 24, 2012, Demopolis, AL

Monday:  We got an early start and we are traveling with Roy El and their guests; Carl and Greg. Smooth water, clear, and sunny with lots of Lilly pads in the waterway. Went through Stennis Lock which was right outside of Columbus Marina; 3 boats in lock (Roy El, Caesar’s Ghost, and us) and all went smooth. Caesar’s Ghost was a fast boat and left us in her wake and we didn’t see her any more.  

The Bevill lock was the last lock of the day. We got to the anchorage first and put our anchor out and then Roy El rafted to our port. Very low water, only 5.5 under props. We had a problem with our anchor chain lock. It kept locking the chain so I couldn’t let any more out. Keith had to take the lock off and we will have to get a different one so it works with our chain.  We took the chain from the Sea Ray as it was a larger chain than was on the Gulf Star. We had drinks on Roy El and Elvie cooked dinner.  Keith checked our fuel supply with our fuel stick. We are still not sure how exactly to read the "homemade" stick but I am taking readings and we will figure it out. We just want to make sure we do not run out of fuel before we get to Mobile, AL, Dog River Marina.   We will also have some work done there. Minor things that Terry thinks we should have done.


Tuesday:  Got up early and tried to see what worked and what did not work on our inverter. We have some designated wall plugs that work and the refrigerator. But, the microwave and the coffee pot do not work on the inverter so we had to turn on the generator. Even with the generator on, it took about 15 minutes before it built up enough voltage to run the microwave. We don't know if that is a problem or normal. There are a lot of little quirks we have to work out as we go. We also had trouble bringing up the anchor chain, it kept slipping. Finally got it up and Keith said all he has to do is tighten it some. All in all our first anchorage went pretty good.

We only had one lock to go through today; the Heflin Lock at Mile 266.1. The Lock Master had the lock ready for us and we were in and out within one half hour. It was a bit foggy early on this morning but the water was very smooth. It was another beautiful day and we got to the marina by 12:45. It was actually hot this afternoon; in the 90's. We had drinks and dinner on the marina's 2nd story open deck; there were 10 of us in all and a very good evening.


Wednesday:  Did not travel today, got caught up on things.  Got our fuel stick figured out.

CO's comments:  All is well.

XO's first time driving the Gulf Star

Sun rise on 10-23-2012 leaving anchorage at Sumter Recreation Area