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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Saturday, May 28 through Tuesday, 5-31, 2011

Saturday, Georges Island Anchorage to Kingston, NY, Steel House Restaurant:  We pulled anchor and it was full of hard mud so I drove and Keith got it off before it dried on.  It was a foggy morning and it didn't lift completely until 10:00.  We had a free tie up for the night at the Steel House Restaurant; all we had to do is eat there.  We had a very good meal, the manager, Lisa was very nice.  The town was just down the Rondout Creek a short distance with deep water at the dock.  We would definitely stop there again.  About 21:30 Lisa knocked on the boat and said she had a problem.  A local tour boat called and wanted to drop off his people at their dock at 22:00 and she asked if we could move for just a few minutes so they could unload, so we did.  The tour boat unloaded their people and then the band started to dismantled their equipment.  By 23:00 they were finally done and Keith came back with the boat.  The manager and the Captain of the tour boat both apologized as they did not know the band was going to take down their equipment on the dock.  Lisa gave Keith a super-duper scotch for his trouble.  Then, as we were going to bed, the band from the tour boat set up in the outside bar (right next to our boat) and started playing very loud RAP music and didn't stop until 02:00.  Needless to say, I did not get a very good nights sleep.  But, all in all, it was a good experience and the RAP music gave us something to laugh about.
CO's comments:  When we came into the floating docks there were people at the restaurant watching us.  Bobbie hooked the cleat  with her landing loop and secured it.  Then I  jumped off the boat and tied up the stern.  People watching were in awe as to how smooth it went.  After moving the boat tonight I slept good; it must have been the scotch.

N41 55.174
W73 58.756

Sunday and Monday, Kingston, NY to Coeymans Landing Marina, NY:  We had a short day and besides.  I did not get a whole lot of sleep last night so we slept in a little and got a later start.  Boaters have to be careful when approaching and leaving Coeymans Marina as there is a rock wall dike which is just a little under water at high tide and it runs about one half mile long.  You have to talk with the locals and follow the marked channel very closely.  We saw 2 boats get hung up on the wall while we were there.  It was another hot day and it was pretty windy.  The wind kept us somewhat cool but it also made docking a little harder but Keith aced it.   This is a nice little marina with very friendly people; a lot different than New York.  The owner took us to the liquor store where their credit card machine was broken and they were only taking cash which we did not have with us.  Only in a small town like Coeymans would a complete stranger lend  us $50.00; that never would have happened in New York.  After there, he took us to the grocery store which I thought was very nice (used my debit card so I could pay Carl back the $50.00).  We were both beat, probably from the heat, and didn't get much done today so we decided to stay a second day and get caught up on things.

CO's comments:  The outside of the dike is very well marked.  Why some body would go by one obstruction marker and then take a 90 degrees turn into the marina when there is another marker indicating that there are more obstructions; is beyond me.  Both of these boater were sail boaters and we have run into a lot of them that do not use their radios, or in this case, their charts.

N42 28.488
W73 47.351

Tuesday, Coeymans Landing to Waterford, NY, Waterford Visitor Center (free dock with water and electric):  It took us 4 hours to get here and it was another hot and humid day.  The Hudson River was very smooth and it was a pleasant drive.  When we got to Troy and the first Lock, called the Federal Lock, we had a hard time reaching the Lock Master on Channel 13.  Later we found out that radio reception is very bad until you pass the last bridge before the lock.  The Lock Master apologized to us when we got into the lock.  This lock was very different than any other lock we have been through.  It didn't have any lines for you to take, it didn't have any bollards, but you have to provide your own line, secure it to cleat on boat, and wrap it around a pole/cylinder that is about 12 inches in diameter.  Then your line just slides up as the water raises.  It was easy once I realized what I had to do.  We got to the Visitor Center and explored the town and had lunch downtown.  A very nice little community.  We were lucky and got here early enough to get tied up to the floating dock.  By early evening the floating dock and the wall were full of boats.

N42 47.201
W73 40.732

CO's comments:  Before getting to the lock there is a small island that you can go around from either side.  I would suggest the right side as I did the left and it was very turbulent.  The right might keep you out of some of the turbulence.  The turbulence was because of the high water rolling over the top of the dam.  Once we were inside, it was fine.

Went by West Point on 5-28-2011
Picturesque houses at West Point

We saw several of these Lighthouses
on the Hudson River-this one is
called Middle Hudson River
Coeymans Landing Marina-
You can buy your Erie Canal Pass
here and then the Lock will date it

Rock Dike in low tide outside of
Coeymans Landing Marina
One of the sail boats that got
stuck on dike in high tide

Previously posted pictures from April and May, 2011

Kim Jo III at Alligator River Marina
Sunset at Manasquan Inlet, NJ on 5-20-2011

Elizabeth City, VA provides free dockage
If there are 5 or more boats the city puts on a wine and cheese party

XO driving the Dismal Swamp
with Tony M in front of us
Rafting at the Dismal Swamp dock

Original Bust of John Paul Jones-
he liked it so well he had several others
made up to give to his friends

Me, Bill, and Keith (Bill is my sister and brother-in-laws son).
 Bill lives in the Solomons, MD area

Sunset at Lady's Island Marina on 4-4-2011