3-15-2014: Anchored out in the beautiful, clear blue water by Manjack Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Friday, February 28, 2014

February at Snook Bight Marina, Fort Myers Beach, FL

We haven't posted a blog in a while so I am combining the whole month in one.

Karen, Keith's sister and her husband Bill, flew in on Feb. 1st, and left on Feb. 9th. We had a busy but enjoyable time. We went for daily walks on the beach and looked for shell and did some sight seeing.  We went to Edison and Ford’s Winter Estates and did the self-paced audio walking tour on the other side of the street this time. It was very good.  Every time I go there I learn something new.  Karen, Bill, and I also went to Manatee Park and met our friends Aline and Nick.  Nick is a volunteer at the park and gave us an excellent tour of the park.  It was very interesting and enjoyable. On one of the days, Keith, Karen and Bill did a half day of kayaking in the Mangroves across from the marina.  We ate really good while they were here.  There is way too much good food down here and it seems like all we do is eat!  Keith grilled some fresh, colossal, shrimp one night and they were out of this world.

A day and a half after Karen and Bill left, my sister Annie and her husband Mark came down to visit.  They spent the night before going back to Mark’s dad’s place which is north of Orlando, FL.  We did the walks on the beach again each morning looking for shells and also went out to eat.  So glad my sister got to come down here.  It is always good to have company but it is also good to be by ourselves once in a while.  We were both exhausted and didn’t do much of anything for a few days after everyone left.

This past week or so we finally had time to get together with our friends Chuck and Barbara of Gold Watch who we met at Pebble Isle 3 years ago. They are also Gold Loopers. They took their dinghy down to our marina and we had lunch at Bay Front Bistro.  Excellent restaurant, would recommend it to all. Had a real good visit. Then on the 17th they picked us up early and we went shopping for most of the day; Walmart, West Marina, etc. We got most of our supplies for our Bahamas trip. 

On the 20th, the marina had a customer appreciation night that we went to.  Got together with Dave and Carol from D Cea who slip here.  We met them last summer at Pebble Isle.  Our last weekend here we took the dinghy down to Chuck and Barbara’s marina; The Pink Shell, and Barbara fixed a delicious brunch.  We spent the afternoon and had an enjoyable visit.  The other day we went to Docktails at Sharon and Todd’s on Sun Drum.  There were lots of boaters there and all had a good time.  The rest of the month we prepared for our Bahamas trip.  Before leaving we took the dinghy back down to Trico Shrimp Company and stocked up on shrimp and scallops; their sea food is awesome.

CO's comments:  Well, this past month has been fun for me.  I got to watch many, skillful, captains bringing their 50' Yachts into the marina.  Most all did excellent jobs.  Then, one of many pontoon boats with old guy driving, run bow first, smack-dab into the dock.  People try to tell them to slow down and after it is all over, the old guys get out of the boat and try to tell everyone that boats don't have breaks and that is why they hit the dock.  Very few of the weekend boaters can read the signs that are posted all over saying; No Wake, Idle Speed.  On warm weekends, there are a million boats going by the marina.  It seems like the weather has been so bad up north that every one is coming down here to visit their friends and are taken for a boat ride.

2-2-2014:  Karen taking Keith's kayak for a trial run before the 3 went out together.

2-2-2014:  Karen and Bill; first day on the beach.

2-3-2014:  Posing with Edison at the Edison Winter Estates.

2-3-2014:  Edison's Family Seminole Lodge.

2-3-2014:  Ford's Estate, Edison's winter neighbor.

2-3-2014:  Model T Ford:  1919.

2-6-2014:  Out to dinner.

2-7-2014:  Star Fish Bill found on the beach.

2-8-2014:  Love this T-Shirt!  It says it all about our country's weather lately.

2-8-2014: On Fort Myers Beach Pier with Bill's friend Mr. Pelican.

2-12-2014  Annie and Mark at Snook Bight, Fort Myers Beach.

2-13-2014:  Me at the beach after Karen and Bill and Annie and Mark left.  Up to this point we had perfect weather.  Today we had 5 foot waves and 30 mph winds.

2-17-2014:  Beautiful sun rise at the marina.